6-Axis Robot

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6-Axis Robot Arms Supplier
EVS offers six-axis robot arms that are ideal for handling various repetitive and tedious industrial processes in your production line. They offer great flexibility to handle a wide variety of applications such as machine tending, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, and polishing processes. Using 6-axis industrial robots can provide you with full freedom as they can travel through the X-Y-Z axes with the ability to run around on each axis. Choose EVS compact 6-axis robot arms for the cost-effective automation of your production lines at high speeds with improved quality. We can meet your specific needs through our turnkey robotic automation solutions.
EVS 6-Axis Robot Advantages
Less Set-up Time: Our 6 axis robot arm kits can be maintained easily and allow for offline programming to significantly reduce configuration time.

Explosion-Proof Certified: Our company was the first one to develop industrial robotic arms with explosion-proof certification in China.

Customizable: With customizable tooling and flexible 6 axis robot arm designs, we can cater to different robotic automation needs.
EVS 6-Axis Robot Applications
Achieve highly precise and accurate movements for handling your industrial robotic production lines with EVS 6-axis robots that are ideal for streamlining processes such as material removal, material handling, assembly, pick and place, machine tending, packaging, painting, dispensing, and others.

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