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6-Axis Robot

EVS offers six-axis robot arms that are ideal for handling various repetitive and tedious industrial processes in your production line.

Versatility: Our robots are suitable for a variety of applications, from simple repetitive tasks to complex assembly and handling operations.

High Precision: Through advanced sensors and control systems, our 6-axis robots can achieve excellent precision and reliability, ensuring the consistency of the production process.

Flexibility: The flexibility of the 6-axis robot enables it to adapt to diverse production environments and tasks, and quickly realize production line adjustments and improvements.

User-friendliness: Designed with a simple and intuitive user interface, operators can easily configure, monitor and adjust the robot’s work.

Intelligent: Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence and learning algorithms, our robots can automatically optimize work processes and improve production efficiency

6-Axis Robot Series

Parameter introduction

Axis Number6666
Repeat Positioning±0.08mm±0.08mm±0.05mm±0.07mm
Max Armspan1456mm2014mm1668mm2012.4mm
Motion RangeJ1±168º±175º±172º±180°
Max SpeedJ1240°/s189 °/s154º/s154 °/ s
J2240°/s189 °/s154º/s120 °/ s
J3240°/s189 °/s171º/s154 °/ s
J4378°/s360 °/s355º/s249 °/ s
J5320°/s320 °/s355º/s249 °/ s
J6974°/s974 °/s355º/s349 °/ s
Allowable TorqueJ428N·m28N·m45N·m245 N·m
J514.4N·m14.4N·m45N·m245 N·m
J65N·m5N·m40N·m147 N·m
Inertia MomentJ41.2kg·m²1.2kg·m²3.5kg·m²12.5 kg·m²
J50.8kg·m²0.8kg·m²3.5kg·m²12.5 kg·m²
J60.1kg·m²0.1kg·m²2.5kg·m²4.5 kg·m²
Robot Body Weight150kg230kg270kg580kg
Power Capacity2.6kVA3.4kVA3.7kVA14.5kVA
Power SupplyOne phase 220VOne phase 220VOne phase 220VThree phase 5 wire 380V ±10%
Cabinet Size600*480*920mm600*480*920mm600*480*920mm600*480*920mm
Cabinet Weight95kg95kg95kg110kg
Installing FormGround Mounted/ wall mountedGround Mounted/ wall mountedGround Mounted/ wall mountedGround Mounted
ApplicationWelding With welding package(welding machine aotai AMIG 350R or Megmeet Ehave CM350AR, wire feeder, anti-collision welding gun)Welding With welding package(welding machine aotai AMIG 350R or Megmeet Ehave CM350AR, wire feeder, anti-collision welding gun)Painting;  loading and unloading, handling, sorting, assembly etc.Deburring, loading and unloading, handling, assembling, etc.

6-Axis Robot Application Video

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