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EVS SCARA robots offer the next level in precision and speed. Their compact structure and flexible design make them perfect for assembly, pick and place, inspection, palletizing, and packaging applications. Depending on your needs our SCARA robots are available in 3kg and 6kg payload capacities with 600mm and 400mm arm span and floor-mount design. Our robots provide integrated services preventing the risk of snagging.  All EVS SCARA robots pass our strict quality controls are CE and ISO certified and come with a one year warranty. We can also customize SCARA robots to meet your precise needs. 

SCARA Robot Advantages

Compact design: Make the most of your floor space with our ultra-compact SCARA robots that are designed to minimize interference with other peripheral devices.

360° Work Envelope: Our SCARA robots provide the flexibility of a 360° envelope with a reach of 400mm and 600mm.

Robotic Animation: The highly rigid arm design enables EVS SCARA robots to handle high loads at high speed in a single package.

SCARA Robots Applications

EVS SCARA robots feature high speeds and better repeatability allowing you to increase the productivity on pick and place and assembly operations. These robots are a great way to enhance the efficiency of the following operations: material handling, palletizing, laser engraving, 3D printing, and soldering.

Scara Robot for Sale in EVS

The design of SCARA robots aims to mimic a human arm’s actions to automate manufacturing processes such as assembly and loading/unloading tasks. They offer unmatched speed and precision that other big industrial robots cannot achieve. The main idea is to obtain the benefits of a human worker at higher speeds without fatigue. Incorporating SCARA robots into your manufacturing line is among the most affordable methods to increase your production speed.

EVS SCARA robots have been used for applications that require fast and effective pick and place performance. These include food processing, automotive assembly, electronics manufacturing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. They can pick, place, move, pack, and unpack components easily which minimizes the space they occupy on the factory floor.

As a leading SCARA robot manufacturer in China, EVS can give you advanced industrial robots for the automation of production lines in any application. So contact us now!

3kg Payload 400mm 4 Axis SCARA Robot SCR003-400

What Is a Scara Robot

SCARA robots were robots originally designed for small assembly applications. The definition of the acronym SCARA has changed a bit over the past years. The 2 definitions are the following:

3kg Payload 400mm 4 Axis SCARA Robot SCR003-400
  • Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm - a term that emerged when the industrial sector started using SCARAs for other applications aside from assembly tasks in various industries.
  • Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm - the original meaning of SCARA and the most commonly used term.

So what does Selective Compliance in the acronym SCARA mean? In robotics, the term compliance is defined as a robot’s capability of being flexible in at least one of its joints. It can also refer to the flexibility of the robot’s mechanical structure.

Compliant robots give way to your touch once you push them. They will not hold steady or push back. This unique configuration and design of SCARA robots allow them to handle a wide array of tasks in material handling applications.

How Does a Scara Robot Work

3D model of a high-speed SCARA robot for pick & place

The operator sends commands to the robot’s controller through communication ports such as digital I/O signals, etherCAT, and ethernet ports.

SCARAs are typically mounted on pedestals. They use vision systems, sensors, and motion controls to locate and pick up items accurately.

SCARA arms use 4-axis joints that allow them to move horizontally and vertically. They can move in the X and Y planes but are rigid in the Z plane. However, the robot’s end at the Z-plane, the “wrist” where the end-of-arm tooling is connected, has an axis that can rotate but cannot tilt.

SCARAs have adjustable horizontal movement. However, since the arms of SCARAs are levers, their reach is limited. Moreover, their joints handle the majority of the load when their arms extend so they need high-torque motors and robust bearings.

Advantages of Scara Robot

6kg Payload 600mm 4 Axis SCARA Robot SCR006-600

How can SCARAs benefit your business? SCARA robots are chosen because of these 4 main reasons:

#1 Speed

Generally, SCARA robots can complete tasks at higher speeds with optional cleanroom specifications. They are quicker compared to other industrial robots and you can operate them in different industrial environments.

#2 Repeatability

SCARAs also have the best performance among all types of robots when it comes to repeatability. High repeatability is important in assembly applications that require tolerances within a few microns. Examples are circuit board assembly tasks and moving needles into small grooves for dispensing.

#3 Accuracy

Aside from speed and repeatability, SCARAs offer excellent verticality and linearity that help them perform various tasks precisely at fast speeds. With the help of vision systems, they can execute identification, sorting, and inspection tasks smartly which helps in reducing defect rates to effectively deliver consistent quality.

#4 Small Footprint

Lastly, SCARA robots are designed for applications that require smaller operation fields where there is limited floor space. They have a compact layout so you can easily re-allocate them for other applications.

Cost of Scara Robot

The all-in-one SCARA robot

SCARAs offer the best price-performance ratio when it comes to high-speed applications. They are suitable for businesses that are looking for cost-effective automation solutions. They are cheaper compared to delta robots which are another type of high-speed robot with multiple arms.

The cost of SCARA robots can range from USD 6,000 to USD 14,000 but can reach up to USD 20,000. The price of your desired SCARA robot will depend on the following factors:

  • Brand
  • Maximum operating Speed
  • Maximum payload
  • Cycle time
  • Customization options

Scara Robot Applications

Scara Robot Applications

Below are the major tasks that low-cost SCARA robots excel at:

#1 Speed

SCARA robots were originally made for small assembly tasks that require high-speed performance. Examples are tasks in electronics manufacturing. The selective compliance of SCARA robots allows them to perform insertions easier compared to other robots without the need for complex programming.

#2 Pick & Place

SCARA robots are the cheapest and fastest machines for pick and place applications. Although Delta robots can beat their speed, SCARA robots are easier to set-up because you do not need to mount them above your workspace like Delta robots.

#3 Soldering

Soldering is another important task why SCARA robots are popular in electronics manufacturing. When equipped with the right end-of-arm tooling, they can produce consistent solder quality with improved efficiency compared to manual soldering.

#4 3D Printing

3D printing is recently becoming popular in the robotics industry. There are 6-axis robots that can print bigger objects using 3D printing technologies. SCARA robots can be used in these applications for small scale printing applications.

#5 Laser Engraving

Since SCARA robots can produce highly precise results, they are ideal for drawing and laser engraving tasks. A lot of end-of-arm tooling has emerged in the market over the past years that allow manufacturers to integrate laser engraving devices into small robots like SCARA robots.

Aside from SCARA robots, EVS’ also offers welding robots, painting robots, material handling robots, dispensing robots, sorting robots, and other applications.

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