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4-Axis Robot Arms Supplier

EVS offers flexible and highly-rigid 4-axis robot arms for the automation of your manufacturing lines to give you a more effective production with increased throughput to help you meet your deadlines. 4-axis industrial robots can turn around at the 4th axis while traveling along the X-Y-Z axes. We have 4-axis scara robots and 4-axis dispensing robots as well as delta robots that can accommodate every customer’s needs in a wide variety of applications including pick and place and packaging applications. Choose EVS robots and we will help you build a highly productive manufacturing line.

EVS 4-Axis Robot Advantages

Flexible Structure: EVS 4-axis robots have compact and flexible designs that allow them to operate at fast speeds with high accuracy and minimal noise.

Highly Rigid Arm: Our robots are equipped with highly rigid arms that can handle high loads even at high speeds to give you improved robotic automation.

Supports Various Interface Forms: They support a wide array of interface forms such as USB, network, and serial port as well as 46 input and output custom IO.

EVS 4-Axis Robot Applications

EVS 3kg payload 4-axis SCARA robotic arms are ideal for pick and place applications for small items while our 6kg payload SCARA robots are perfect for the automation of quick-precision handling applications. Other than these, they are also suitable for assembly, palletizing, 3C, and other industrial robotic applications.

Supplying 4-Axis Robot Arm

EVS supplies quality and reliable 4-axis robot arms that are applicable in different industries. We aim to provide clients with the best robots possible to optimize the production capacity of their businesses. We supply 4-axis SCARA, Delta, and dispensing robots both locally in China and across the world.

Our 4-axis robots are built with components from the best brands in the industry. The robot arms are fitted with reducers to make them rigid and accurate for tasks like packaging, pick and place, and many others. We also offer customization services for any special production line needs our clients might have.

4-axis robot

What Is a 4-Axis Robot Arm

palletizing and sorting by pick and place arm.

A 4-axis robot can move in four distinct directions of movement:

  • X-axis - back and forth motion
  • Y-axis - left to right motion
  • Z-axis - up and down motion
  • Tilting/turning at the wrist of the robot arm while it is traveling in the x-y-z axes

It is the tilting motion that makes 4-axis robots so efficient for tasks. During picking tasks, for example, the wrist of the robot arm uses the 4-axis to position itself in alignment with the object. It is a function that other traditional robots like Cartesian robots can not provide. All 4 ranges of motion are powered by servo motors built into the arm of the robot. There is a motor for each axis of motion.

The more common types of this robot arm are 4-axis Scara robots, 4-axis dispensing robots, and 4-axis delta robots. They operate on the same principle but they are suitable for different applications.

Advantages of 4-axis Robot Arm

fitness equipment welding


EVS 4-axis robot arms are fitted with high-quality reducers which make the arms rigid and, therefore, precise in their operations.


Our 4-axis robot arms have a streamlined structure that enables them to work at high-speed and have fluid noiseless movements.

Compact Design

We design our 4-axis robot arms to conveniently fit in an average workspace without being obstructive.

Interface Compatibility

EVS 4-axis robot arms are compatible with 46 input and output custom IO, USB, network, and serial port interfaces.

How do 4-axis Industrial Robots Work?

Robot arm picking and placing boxes

In order to perform its functions it has to be programmed or in some cases, controlled by an operator. Programming guides the robot arm on operational factors such as speed and the distance it should cover during a task.

Further, the arm is fitted with an end effector. An end effector is a device attached to the wrist of the robot arm to enable it to perform the industrial operation. Some examples include a suction device, a picker, or a welder. For precision, some robot arms have optical sensors too that work as eyes to help the arms detect a certain object.

4-axis robot arms can be applied individually to perform a repetitive task like palletizing without being part of any larger system. Multiple robot arms can also be assigned to one joint task. Alternatively, they can be installed as part of a conveyor system in a production line.

Applications of 4-axis Robot Arms

Robot arm packaging items.


The flexibility of the wrist of a 4-axis robot arm makes it ideal for packaging. It is also faster than human hands and can handle heavier objects with more ease. However, it is essential to choose a robot arm payload that matches the weight of goods to be packaged.

Pick and Place

Pick and place tasks are repetitive, take up time, and may require a lot of manpower to get done. The compact design and speed of 4-axis pick and place robot arms make them the perfect substitute for human labor. Using them reduces costs and frees up staff for other responsibilities.


Industrial assembly tasks, such as installing car doors or electrical microparts, are tedious and require accuracy. Some assembly tasks like welding or soldering also pose a danger to employees due to the high temperatures involved. 4-axis assembly robot arms fitted with the right end-effectors provide an efficient and safe alternative.


Palletizing involves stacking of pallets or cartons among other items. A 4-axis palletizing robot arm is suitable for this application as it brings speed and operational standardization.

Additionally, it can stack as high as the reach of its arm which is likely way more than what humans can achieve.

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