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Grinding and polishing workstation

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Given Voltage(V)AC380V
Rated Power(kw)11.5/12.5/13.5
Rated Current(A)60
Total weight(KG)4500-5200
Robot Payload(KG)10/20/30
Applicable materialsAluminum castings, small hardware
Overall dimensions(mm)3450*2200*2260
Industrial robotEVS Robot
Product scope of application(recommendation)

10A size:100*100*50mm weight:≤3kg

20A size:200*200*100mm weight:≤7kg

10A size:300*300*150mm weight:≤15kg

Grinding accuracy±0.1-0.2
10/20/30A series grinding and polishing station
10/20/30A series grinding and polishing station

Features of grinding and polishing station

◆ Adopt industrialized overall body shell design to prevent dust from splashing everywhere:

◆ Full modular design, convenient for maintenance and later modification and upgrade;

◆ The robot grabs the workpiece for polishing and is compatible with the deburring function;

◆ Has functions such as broken tool and abrasive belt detection, tool life management, and production capacity management;

◆ The belt sanding machine has a floating mechanism. The standard configuration is air floating, which can be upgraded to electronically controlled constant force floating according to needs;

◆ Using a double-layer material table, the conveying is stable and high, and has a unique dust-proof design;

◆ The floating function of the material table improves the adaptability of loading and unloading materials;

Features of grinding and polishing station

Grinding and polishing belt machine parameters

▶ 1.Single abrasive belt drive motor: explosion-proof motor power; 4KW

▶ 2. Maximum speed: 2800RPM

▶ 3. Abrasive belt length: 2800M

▶ 4. Abrasive belt width: 70MM

▶ 5.With correction mechanism

▶ 6. There is a dust pipe interface under the dust hopper.

▶ 7. Standard air float, which can be upgraded to constant force float according to needs

▶ 8. Reserve the floating spindle installation position


Force controlled grinding system Floating file machine Dust detection

Vacuum cleaner Floating sander Alarm system

Scope of application

Grinding, polishing, deburring, chamfering, cutting and other process requirements