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CNC Robot

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CNC Robots Arm Supplier
EVS CNC robots offer turnkey CNC solutions for the automation of various repetitive industrial processes. The flexibility of their design makes them ideal for welding, palletizing, assembly, handling, logistics, and other machine tending applications. CNC automation is now made simple and less expensive by reducing other costs associated with manufacturing processes. Our CNC robots include CNC welding robots, CNC machine tending robots, and CNC robot arms. Whatever your manufacturing plant’s needs are, EVS can offer you with customizable solutions to match your requirements with our CE and ISO certified CNC equipment.
CNC Robot Advantages
Branded Components: EVS uses components from top brands like Tsino Dynatron, Hechuan, Shimpo, Nabtesco, and Tamagawa to ensure the reliability of our robots’ performance.

High-Rigidity: The high-rigidity of EVS robotic arms guarantees the stability of the machines while handling high loads at high speeds.

Flexibility: With more slender robot bodies, EVS robots offer more flexibility even in small spaces and can minimize collisions with surrounding instruments.
CNC Robots Applications
EVS robot CNC machines are designed with high precision and can achieve accurate movements. They are suitable for physically demanding and repetitive tasks to reduce human errors and prevent injuries. They can streamline processes such as assembly, material removal, material handling, machine tending, palletizing, packaging, painting and dispensing, and welding.