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EVS robot arms are flexible and can be used in various production processes. They are used in dangerous work environments where quality and accuracy are crucial. These include palletizing and packaging lines, forming presses, engine foundries, molding machines, and laser-cutting rigs. Our automotive robots are also used in quality control, handling, assembling, screw driving, and labeling applications.

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Automotive Manufacturing Robots
Robots in the Metal Industry

Metal Industry

The metal industry requires a lot of demanding work and using industrial robots is a great help. They are used in handling heavy materials that are used in the assembly of construction equipment, agricultural machinery, utility trucks, recreational vehicles, and more. They are also used for more sensitive jobs, such as plasma cutting, grinding, laser cladding, and laser cutting of pipes, plates, sheets, and other metals.

EVS Robot offers ideal automation solutions for every process of your metal manufacturing company. Contact us today and start boosting your clients’ productivity with our industrial robotic arms!

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Robotic arms play a variety of important roles in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They are used in the complex processes of manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and research and development of medical equipment and different types of medicines. They are also used in the production and testing of new drugs.  Other applications of robots include laboratory robotics, cleaning and sterilization of rooms, and control systems wherein they are used to communicate with other machines.

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Laboratory automation
Robot Arms in the Agricultural Industry


Robot arms are used by farmers for tasks that are demanding and repetitive so they can focus more on other important work. These include picking and harvesting crops, weed control, sorting and packing, autonomous thinning, spraying, pruning, mowing, and more.

If you are looking for the right robot arm for your agriculture business, let EVS Robot help you! Contact us today and we’ll find the right automated solution for your needs!


Robot arms can do lots of things in a construction site. For one, they are used in lifting, manipulating, and transporting heavy objects repeatedly. They are also used for painting, polishing, welding, and other heavy work. In some instances, robotic arms are also used for cleaning construction sites as they are faster and more efficient.

Robot Arms in the Construction Industry
Robot Arms Applications in Energy Industries


Industrial robots are typically used in production, installation, handling, inspection & testing, and maintenance tasks in the energy sector. However, robot arms, depending on their design and specs, can function other important jobs. For example, manufacturing wind turbines require high precision, which human workers cannot achieve. Robot arms are then used to spray, paint, and polish turbine blades to ensure that there won’t be any balancing problems.

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Industrial robots can serve different functions in the electronics industry. Some of the most common include assembly, inspection and testing, packaging, stamping, dispensing, pressing, etching, and material handling.

EVS Robot offers robotic arms that can be used in any stage of the manufacturing process. Contact us today and let us help you find the best automated solution for your product lines!

Robot Arms Applications in the Electronics
Robot Arms in the Food and Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Robot arms are deployed in various ways in food and beverage processing. Here are some of them:

  • Pick and place fruits and vegetables in their packaging
  • Cut and slice meat and seafood 
  • Aid in decorating cakes
  • Fill containers with liquid products, such as water, sodas, and other beverage
  • Sealing and capping of food and beverage containers
  • Clean and maintain a safe and sterile working environment

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Robot automation is mainly used in material handling in glass production. They are used for heating, forming, mixing, packaging, and other complex tasks. In applications that involve glass bottles, robot arms are also used for spraying that aid in reducing stress on the glasses.

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Robot Arms Applications for Glass Manufacturing Industry
Robotic Arms Applications for Paper and Printing Industries

Paper & Printing

Industrial robotics is mainly used in dispensing & sealing, palletizing, part transfer, and picking & packaging applications in paper and printing industries. Our robot arms can be used in any stage of the manufacturing process, particularly in material handling. We will help you find the right robot arms that will suit your paper and printing manufacturing needs. Contact us today!


Robot arms are effectively used in various processes in plastic manufacturing. These include part extraction/insertion, cutting, degating, and trimming. They are also used in clip insertions, inserts loading, gate cutting, and checking quality control. Furthermore, they are used in more complex jobs, such as part making, assembly, inspecting, palletizing, and packing.

EVS Robot designs and manufactures robotic arms that will fit the needs of your plastic manufacturing company. Contact us today!

Industrial Robot Arms Applications in Plastic Manufacturing
A robot arm handling packages at a warehouse


Warehouse robots are typically used in picking, sorting, packaging, transportation, and replenishment in warehouses. With these automated tools, companies will be able to:

  • Eliminate or mitigate errors
  • Speed up the meeting of orders
  • Better manage inventories
  • Reduce production costs

Check out EVS Robot’s website for our different robotic arms or contact us today. We will help you find the right automation equipment for your warehouse needs!

Furniture and Equipment

Industrial robot arms can be used in any stage of material production and handling. These include bonding, mixing, placing, palletizing, welding, packaging, and more. Robotic arms are always accurate in cutting materials and joining them, making them well-suited for product assembly as well.

line. Contact us today and boost your factory’s productivity!

Robot Arms in the Furniture and Equipment Industry

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