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SCARA Robots Arm Supplier
EVS SCARA robots offer the next level in precision and speed. Their compact structure and flexible design make them perfect for assembly, pick and place, inspection, palletizing, and packaging applications. Depending on your needs our SCARA robots are available in 3kg and 6kg payload capacities with 600mm and 400mm arm span and floor-mount design. Our robots provide integrated services preventing the risk of snagging.  All EVS SCARA robots pass our strict quality controls are CE and ISO certified and come with a one year warranty. We can also customize SCARA robots to meet your precise needs.

SCARA Robot Advantages
Compact design: Make the most of your floor space with our ultra-compact SCARA robots that are designed to minimize interference with other peripheral devices.

360° Work Envelope: Our SCARA robots provide the flexibility of a 360° envelope with a reach of 400mm and 600mm.

Robotic Animation: The highly rigid arm design enables EVS SCARA robots to handle high loads at high speed in a single package.

SCARA Robots Applications
EVS SCARA robots feature high speeds and better repeatability allowing you to increase the productivity on pick and place and assembly operations. These robots are a great way to enhance the efficiency of the following operations: material handling, palletizing, laser engraving, 3D printing, and soldering.