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EVS TECH CO., LTD is a Chinese industrial robots and robot positioner&linear tracks supplier in China. We can provide industrial robots ranging from 3kg to 800kg payload, including 6-axis robots, 4-axis robots, scara robots, delta robots, explosion-proof robots and other special application robots etc. Our products are widely applied in welding, handling, painting.palletizing. punching, bending, etc. We also could provide 1, 2, 3 axis positioners and all kinds of customized robot linear tracks. We are the sole legally authorized general distributor for QJAR Robotics for its global market (except Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia).

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Industrial robots have played a great role in the automation of various manufacturing facilities in different industries. High-speed robot arms can perform tedious and repetitive tasks in a short period of time, increasing your daily production capacity. EVS, one of the leading robotic arm manufacturers in China, can help you automate your manufacturing lines. We offer innovative and flexible industrial robotic arms for sale for a wide variety of applications.

EVS has been serving various industries with innovative robotic solutions for many years now. Thus, we understand the need of businesses for reliable manufacturing automation to effectively streamline their processes.

Whatever your application is, EVS can produce high-quality and explosion-proof machines that can handle the challenges of modern manufacturing. Contact us now for your ideal robotic system!

Robotic Arms We Supply

To cater to the needs of any type of business, EVS provides factory robot arms with different reach and payload capacities ranging from 3kg to 800kg. We have both 4-axis and 6-axis low-cost robot arms. Aside from explosion-proof robots, we also have waterproof robotic arms, SCARA robots, and robot CNC machines.

Below are the industrial robots for sale that EVS offers:

The automation of production processes
Welding automation robots

Aside from the big robot arms we have mentioned above, we also offer high-quality welding gun cleaning stations, torch cleaning stations, wire trimming stations, robot end effectors, and robot walking rails with customizable lengths for easier warehouse management. Moreover, we provide robot vision systems for positioning, sorting, tracking, and others to improve the effectiveness of your manufacturing lines.

As an exclusive partner for the global marketing of QJAR robots and the most trusted industrial robot manufacturer in China, EVS is the only company that can sell innovative QJAR robots overseas. We have a team of responsive and experienced technical support staff that can respond to your queries 24/7. Thus, we can guarantee the 100% satisfaction of all our business partners.

Industries & Applications
That Our Robot Arms Serve

EVS can offer you solutions for any automation application such as industrial robotics, factory automation, and CNC machine tending applications. With the combination of years of experience and extensive know-how, EVS can provide you with an all-in-one solution for your manufacturing line’s automation needs.

Below are the automation applications that EVS serves:

EVS’ welding robots are chosen by many welding companies because they can complete all types of linear, curve, and complex welding processes. You can use them to weld automobile parts, motorcycles, heavy machinery, boilers, railway locomotives, door frames, windows, fitness equipment, tables, chairs, racks, and others.
The use of robotics in the food industry for packaging purposes is also becoming a trend to keep up with bulk production requirements. Tasks such as loading, unloading, feeding, delta sorting, palletizing, and assembly are some of the packaging applications that EVS robots can handle. Our pick and place robots are also widely used for various material handling applications in the packaging industry.
Our painting robotic arms are ideal for a wide variety of spray painting applications such as motorcycles, automotive, furniture, home appliances, and plastic gluing, painting, and coating. On the other hand, our dispensing robots can handle applications like dispensing small items (such as medicines), pouring liquids, and filling containers.
We offer warehouse automation solutions to help companies deal with various challenges in the logistics and retail industry. Our solutions are suitable for the food, beverage, chemical, and other industries. They can also be used in cold storage operations to reduce low-temperature operation times and in batch processing applications for optimizing deadline management.
EVS has industrial robot arms for machine tending applications such as injection molding and stamping presses and press breaks. You can also use them for loading and unloading components in turning, milling, punching, trimming, forging, stamping, welding, and grinding applications.

Why Choose Us

Below are the reasons why you should EVS and its products:

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Branded Components

To ensure the reliability of our industrial robotic arms’ performance, we only use components from world-renowned brands such as Nabtesco, Shimpo, Hechuan, Tamagawa, and Tsino Dynatron.

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Flexible Installation

Our robots have slender bodies and light structure designs so you can install them even in small spaces, giving you a large workspace. This also minimizes collisions with surrounding devices. The installation and debugging process only takes a few hours with the option of inverse or ground installation.

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High Payload Capacity

With highly rigid robotic arms that can handle up to 800-kg products, our machines can easily complete various repeatable tasks without any complications. We guarantee their stability even when handling high loads at high speeds.

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EVS is the first company in China to manufacture industrial robotic arms with explosion-proof certification. This greatly reduces hazards in your working environment, especially if you are dealing with combustible liquids and gasses.

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High Positioning Accuracy

With highly rigid robotic arms that can handle up to 800-kg products, our machines can easily complete various repeatable tasks without any complications. We guarantee their stability even when handling high loads at high speeds.

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EVS can produce robots that are specifically tailored to your manufacturing line’s needs by offering customization services. We can fit your desired robots with specialized tooling and reprogram them to match your business’ specific needs.

Successful Case Studies

EVS has been offering automation solutions in the manufacturing industry for many years now. We ensure our business partners’ success by providing them with efficient and innovative automation solutions. Below are a few of the sample projects that EVS robots have been used in:

Automatic robot in assembly line
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Various companies used EVS robots for welding metal components like metal shelving, steel and aluminum desks/chairs, fitness gym racks, steel door and window frames, and other building materials.

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Food and daily chemical products manufacturers use our delta sorting, packaging, and palletizing robots to improve their production lines’ efficiency. An example is in cardboard cap robot packaging.

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Our robots have also been used in Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) applications in the PCB assembly industry. These include robot screwing, labeling, gluing, soldering, and PCB assembly robot plug-in.

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