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Machine Tending Robot

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Machine Tending Robot Arms Supplier

EVS offers machine tending robots in various payload and reach capacities for handling the specific requirements of our different customers. Machine tending automation can help you decrease cycle times and save money while drastically increasing your manufacturing line’s productivity. Our robots are ideal for tending all types of machines like injection molding, stamping presses, and press breaks with great consistency. We also manufacture CNC machine tending robots that can provide the reliability and accuracy that manual solutions cannot achieve. With our years of experience in the industry, we guarantee that we can give you the best machine tending solutions for every application.
EVS Machine Tending Robot Advantages
Repeatable Accuracy: Industrial machine tending robots are capable of achieving highly accurate results to improve your production quality.

Improved Uptime: Create better ergonomic conditions and minimize human error while improving uptime drastically compared to manual processes.

High Payload Capacity: With rigid arms and high payload capacities, our robots can be used in a wide variety of machine tending applications.
EVS Machine Tending Robot Applications
You can use EVS machine tending robots for loading and unloading parts in applications such as grinding, injection molds, compression molds, welding, stamping, forging, trimming, punching, milling, and turning. Aside from machine tending processes, our robots are also suitable for packaging, assembly, palletizing, and painting applications.