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Robotic Assisted Devices

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Robot Arm End Effector Supplier
EVS offers customizable and explosion-proof robot arm end effectors. Also called End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT), these devices are attached to the end of robotic arms and act as the robot’s wrists. They allow the robot to perform various repetitive and physically demanding tasks. Choosing the right robot end effector can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of your manufacturing line.

As a trustworthy robot end effector supplier in China, EVS can provide you with cost-effective solutions that can handle any industrial robotic application. We can build machines and systems that are specifically tailored to your unique application such as packaging, assembly, welding, painting, and others.
EVS Robot End Effector Advantages
Customizable: Our robot end effectors can be customized to match your production line’s specific needs. We can even put your logo in them.

Explosion-Proof: We are the first company that was able to supply explosion-proof robots in China’s industrial robot market.

Branded Components: We only use components that are from world-renowned brands such as Tamagawa, Tsino Dynatron, Shimpo, Nabtesco, and Hechuan.
EVS Robot End Effector Applications
EVS’ CE and ISO-certified robot end effectors for sale can be used in a wide variety of applications including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and food packaging applications. Improve your production line’s performance by streamlining processes such as palletizing, dispensing, delta sorting, painting, handling, welding, and others.