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About Us

Feel free to contact us on industrial robots and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

We are EVS TECH CO., LTD, anindustrial robot and automationsolution supplier in China. Ourproducts are widely applied inwelding,handling, palletizing.polishing, painting, assembly, etc.

Our Main Products: 4/6 axis industriarobot, cobot, scara robot, positioner,tracks, and other accessories.

The advantages are:super cost-effective, well-knit compact structurehigh flexibility, high reliability, highspeed,high precision,highexpansibility, easy operation, easymaintenance.


About Us

We are EVS TECH CO., LTD, an industrial robot supplier in China.

High-precision CNC machines cost more than 3 million USD

Top-quality Factory Production line cost 150 million USD

High-standard Testing machines cost 10 million USD

Large robot series ranging from 3kg to 800kg payload

What Can We Provide

What Can We Provide

Industrial Robot

Including Delta robot, SCARA robot, 6-axis robot, 4-axis robot, explosion-proof robot for different applications.

Collaborative Robot

From 3KG to 18KG, including C series, X series, G series

Welding Positioners

Including single axis, two-axis, three-axis welding positioners.

Robot Walking Rail

Length-customized robot walking guide rail.

Technical Support

We provide 24/7 life-long technical support.

Vision System

Robot vision system for tracking, sorting, picking, positioning, etc.

Company Relationship



Provide strong automotive and parts industry applications and market introduction.



Mother company of QJAR Smart factory demonstration base.

Qianjiang Motorcycle

Qianjiang Motorcycle

Mother company of QJAR Smart factory demonstration base.

University-Enterprise Cooperation

Harbin Institute of Technology

Controller development/Application package development

Beijing Institute of Technology

Hardware configuration of controller and robot

Zhejiang University of Technology

Overall planning and digital modeling of intelligent new factory7

Dalian University of Technology

Robot welding technology

Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang

Construction of industrial Internet / Big data collaborative cloud platform

Compare With Others

US EVSOther Robot Suppliers in China
ControllerWe have our own QJAR controller technology. We can give your better controller technical support whenever you need.Most of them don’t have their own controller technology. They cannot offer you very good controller technical support.
Motor Drives ReducersWe use top brand motors, drives and reducers likeTamagawa, Nabtesco,Shimpo, Hechuan, Tsino Dynatron, etc.Most of them use low quality motors, drives, and reducers of some cheap brands.This makes the robot performance unreliable.
Electrical CabinetOur electrical cabinet is with strict electrical isolation structure. And it’s with front and back opening doors.Most of them don’t have strict electrical isolation design. And their electrical cabinet can be only opened in front
Matching Welding Power SourcesBesides matching with Chinese welding power source brands, our welding robots can also match with like Fronius, CLOOS, SAF, Lincoln, etc.Most of their welding robots can only match with Chinese domestic welding power source brands.
Casting PartsWe cost million dollars in machining machine to build casting parts. Quality is far better than normal builders..Most of them outsource the casting parts,Their casting parts are not with good quality which may cause oil leaking or other problems.
Quality ControlOur QJAR robots have been passed SGS CE test and we’ re confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 management system. We have many testing machines Like three-coordinate measuring machines for strictly quality control.Most of them don’t have a strict quality management system.
Explosion Proof RobotQJAR is the first robot company who manufacture the explosion-proof robot in China.Most of Chinese robot companies are not able to manufacture the explosion-proof robot.


At present, our MOQ is I set.
The warranty period for our products is 1 year.
Our product preparation time is about 15 working days, if we have robots in stock, we can send out immediately.
We support payment through T/T.