Palletizing Robot

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Palletizing Robot Arms Supplier
EVS offers palletizing robot arms that can automate various palletizing processes in industrial applications. Our robotic palletizing systems are suitable for use in shipping, manufacturing, and food processing industries. They can provide solutions to the demanding challenges of today’s automated palletizing industry including improved cycle time, tooling flexibility, and pattern flexibility. We have a wide variety of palletizing robots, which include robotic bag palletizers, available in different reach and payload capabilities. To accommodate the varying needs of our customers, we can equip the machines with different end-of-arm tooling designs to allow more flexibility for different robot palletizing applications.
EVS Palletizing Robot Advantages
Compact Mechanical Structure: Our vertical multi-joint robotic arms have optimized structural designs that are simple and compact.

Explosion-Proof: EVS offers the first palletizing robotic arms with explosion-proof certification in China’s industrial robotic arms market.

Large Payload Capacity: We offer palletizing robots with big payload capacities up to 800 kg with high stability and high speeds.
EVS Palletizing Robot Applications
Automate your production line and improve the consistency of loading, unloading, disassembly, and placement processes with EVS industrial palletizers suitable for handling various long-reach and heavy payload palletizing applications. These include palletizing in dairy, beverage, food, beer, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical production lines.

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