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EVS offers palletizing robot arms that can automate various palletizing processes in industrial applications. Our robotic palletizing systems are suitable for use in shipping, manufacturing, and food processing industries. They can provide solutions to the demanding challenges of today’s automated palletizing industry including improved cycle time, tooling flexibility, and pattern flexibility. We have a wide variety of palletizing robots, which include robotic bag palletizers, available in different reach and payload capabilities. To accommodate the varying needs of our customers, we can equip the machines with different end-of-arm tooling designs to allow more flexibility for different robot palletizing applications.

EVS Palletizing Robot Advantages

Compact Mechanical Structure: Our vertical multi-joint robotic arms have optimized structural designs that are simple and compact.

Explosion-Proof: EVS offers the first palletizing robotic arms with explosion-proof certification in China’s industrial robotic arms market.

Large Payload Capacity: We offer palletizing robots with big payload capacities up to 800 kg with high stability and high speeds.

EVS Palletizing Robot Applications

Automate your production line and improve the consistency of loading, unloading, disassembly, and placement processes with EVS industrial palletizers suitable for handling various long-reach and heavy payload palletizing applications. These include palletizing in dairy, beverage, food, beer, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical production lines.

Palletizing Robot Arms For Sale in EVS

Palletizing is a challenging application that involves stacking cartons, bottles, cases, bags, and boxes into pallets. It is the last process in an assembly system before the products are loaded into shipping trucks. Cycle time as well as pallet pattern and tooling flexibility are the 3 main challenges in the modern automated palletizing industry. But, palletizing robot arms can help manufacturers handle these challenges with ease.

Although robotic palletizer prices are expensive, a lot of industries still choose to use them to automate their manufacturing lines. EVS, a trustworthy industrial robot manufacturer, offers robots that are available in a wide range of reach and payload capacities. Our products can help increase the profitability and productivity of your manufacturing facilities.

Contact us today and let us provide you with your desired palletizing system to effectively automate your production processes.

800kg Payload 3159mm Reaching Distance Robotic Arm QJRB800-1

What Is a Palletizing Robot

Robotic palletizers are mechanized systems used to automatically load goods onto pallets for the shipping process. They usually consist of 4-to 6-axis robot arms with end effectors, also known as, end-of-arm tooling, designed to pick up different product types to be palletized. Their specialized end effectors, along with vision systems, allow them to accurately grab items from a moving conveyor for the formation of a pallet.

6kg Payload 915mm Reaching Distance 6 Axis Robot SYR006-900

The end effector is usually customized to handle more than one type of product. Robotic palletizing systems can dispense and convey pallets, meter cases on product infeeds, and utilize robotics for palletizing cases. EVS provides palletizing solutions that use innovative technologies to achieve greater flexibility and enhanced productivity.

The end effector is usually customized to handle more than one type of product. Robotic palletizing systems can dispense and convey pallets, meter cases on product infeeds, and utilize robotics for palletizing cases. EVS provides palletizing solutions that use innovative technologies to achieve greater flexibility and enhanced productivity.

A palletizing robot’s capabilities include the following:

  • Payload capacity between 50kg to 800kg
  • Offline programming and pattern generation
  • Robotic palletizing and depalletizing both in structured and unstructured environments using vision systems
  • 3D robot cell simulation, cycle calculation, and reach modeling

Palletizing robot costs can vary depending on the robot’s reach and payload capabilities along with the integration level required. You can find palletizing robots under USD 50,000 while simple palletizing robotic systems can be under USD 100,000.

How Do Robotic Palletizing Systems Work

180kg Payload 3153mm Reaching Distance Robotic Arm QJRB180-1

Below is an overview of how robotic palletizing systems work:

  • The items to be palletized are filled and sealed first.
  • The sealed items are placed on a conveyor and moved to the palletizing system.
  • Check weighing, flattening (for bags), labeling, and other pre-palletizing procedures are done to increase the load’s stability and reduce inaccuracies.
  • The robot constructs the pallet pattern layer by layer until the whole pallet is done. The operator programs pallet patterns into the robotic palletizer. The program can be changed easily to handle other items like tier sheets and slip sheets.
  • After completing the load, a forklift picks the pallet up or is automatically moved to a wrapper.

This process continues until all pallets are formed.

Advantages of Palletizing Robot Arm

20kg Payload 1671mm Reaching Distance Robotic Arm QJRB20-1

Robotic palletizing provides a lot of advantages compared to other palletizing machines. For instance, they can handle more than one workpiece simultaneously according to your desired pallet configuration. They can even form a multi-layered pallet after picking products from a conveyor.

Below are their main advantages of robotic palletizers:

#1 Reduced Labor Injuries

Robots can save your human workers from injuries caused by repeated lifting and stacking. When you compare the costs of paying worker injuries and investing in industrial palletizing robots, the total savings in buying robots is more significant. Thus, employing robots in your production line can give you a higher ROI.

#2 Footprint

The dimensions of a robotic palletizer will vary depending on the configuration of the palletizing system that you want. But, its flexibility allows you to install it even in factories with limited floor space while still meeting modern safety standards.

#3 Versatility

Robots can be equipped with a wide variety of grippers to give them great versatility. This makes them among the most important elements of an industrial manufacturing line. They have specialized end-of-arm tooling that can adapt to every need. They can be installed with lateral, vacuum, finger, or magnetic grippers and they can handle multiple container types and shapes at a time.

#4 Speed

The speed of a robotic palletizer greatly varies depending on what products are being handled. For example, a robot can palletize around 40 cartons per minute but some can handle more than a thousand cans per minute. Robotic palletizing systems are chosen by many manufacturers because they can achieve on-time production.

Robotic Palletizer Applications

210kg Payload 2688mm Reaching Distance Robotic Arm QJR210-1

Below are the most common applications of robotic palletizers:

#1 Mixed Load Palletizing

This palletizing application is common in distribution industries where a company ships various SKUs per order where each order does not consist of a full pallet load. Below are some of the tasks involved in mixed load palletizing applications that robotic arms can do:

  • Planned Palletizing (using robots on rails)
  • Random Palletizing (single/multiple product infeed)
  • Display pallet creation for retail displays

#2 Scrap Metal Palletizing

Palletizing scrap metal is a challenging task because of bale dimension and weight variabilities. Robotic palletizers for this application can handle the issues associated with the task while exceeding your business’ requirements.

#3 Robotic Depalletizing

Aside from palletizing, industrial robots can also be used for depalletizing incoming containers/materials. They can do the following:

  • Unload empty containers to prepare them for the filling and sealing processes.
  • Orient containers properly for the packaging process
  • Remove cartons or bags from pallets for processing, inspection, labeling, etc.

#4 Bag Palletizing

Robotic bag palletizers can be used for fast completion of the following tasks:

  • Sortation

Instantaneous separation of various part types passing through the robot’s vision system.

  • Packing

The robot spots products from a moving conveyor and transfers them to packaging containers.

  • Inspection & Quality Control

Visual inspection and removal of defective products that are moving on a conveyor.

  • Assembly

The robot picks parts from a moving conveyor and assembles them onto workpieces.

#5 Case Palletizing

Robots can palletize numerous cases that consist of different materials, weights, sizes, and shapes. You can use them to palletize corrugated boxes, plastic cartons, aluminum/metal cartons, and others.

EVS robots has explosion-proof robotic palletizing robots that are not only suitable for palletizing applications but also for other applications such as welding, painting, material handling, 3D printing, and others. We can offer you with robots that are equipped with advanced vision systems to effectively automate your manufacturing lines.

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