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Warehouse Robot Arms Supplier
EVS offers various warehouse automation equipment to help organizations build their ideal automated warehouse system to meet the challenges in the logistics and retail industry. With e-commerce driving the modern market, you will need an automatic warehouse to keep up with the trend and remain on top of the competition. EVS can provide you with effective robotic warehouse systems to achieve this goal. As a leading industrial robotic arms supplier, we also offer automated warehouse picking systems for various material handling applications including palletizing, depalletizing, decasing, packaging, and others. 
EVS Warehouse Robot Advantages
High-Density Storage Shuttle: Our intelligent warehouse robots can achieve smart sorting and multi-layer stacking with better collision avoidance management.

High-Speed Conveyor: They are equipped with high-speed conveyors to increase your production line’s lead time to help you meet your deadlines.

Compact Design: With compact and flexible designs, our automated warehouse robots can help maximize your warehouse use, especially if you have limited working space.
EVS Warehouse Robot Applications
EVS warehouse automation solutions can be used for large quantities of products in the food, chemical, beverage, and other industries with low product varieties. They are also applicable in cold storage operations for reducing low-temperature operation times as well as in batch processing applications with strict requirements for better deadline management.

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