10kg Payload 800mm 4 Axis High Speed High Rigidity SCARA Robot EVS10-800H

  • This SCARA robot is with compact and flexible structure, fast running speed, high transmission accuracy and low noise.
  • It can be applied in handling, palletizing, assembly, 3C and other fields.
  • Maximum Reach: 800mm
  • Rated Payload: 5kg
  • Max Payload: 10kg

Technical Parameters

Model EVS10-800H
Total axes 4
Maximum reach 800mm
Payload rated load 5kg
maximum load 10kg
Permissible inertial torque of rotating axis rated torque 0.05kg·m2
maximum torque 0.45kg·m2
Repeated positioning accuracy horizontal coordinate ±0.025mm
z coordinate ±0.01mm
rotation angle ±0.01°
Max speed 1st axis 10600mm/s
2nd axis 10600mm/s
3rd axis (elevating axis) 1098mm/s
4th axis (rotation axis) 1581°/sec
Max operating area 1st axis ±132°
2nd axis ±152°
3rd axis (elevating axis) 200mm/300mm
4th axis (rotation axis) ±360°
Installation form Floor mounted
Robot weight(without cable) 32kg
Power consumption 2.3kw
Installation environment Temperature 0~+45℃
Humidity 20~80%RH (no condensation)
Vibration Under 4.9M/S132
Application Capable of working with vision system. And can be applicated in handling,assembly, sorting,material loading and unloading etc


Motion Range

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