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Painting Robotic Arm QJR6-2700P

  • No front singularity wrist construction, optional built-in pipeline, making synchronous tracking spraying teaching job easier.
  • Using bus-structure, convenient for expansion and high speed
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Armspan: 2035mm
  • Payload: 10kg

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Technical Parameters

Model QJR6-2700P
Axis Number 6
Payload 6kg
Repeat Positioning ±0.5mm
Max Armspan 2701mm
Motion Range J1 ±95º
J2 ﹢102º,﹣53º
J3 ﹢80º,﹣80º
J4 ±260º
J5 ±270º
J6 ±260º
Max Speed J1 108 °/s
J2 103 °/s
J3 115 °/s
J4 360 °/s
J5 360 °/s
J6 360 °/s
Allowable Torque J4 10.96 N.m
J5 10.96 N.m
J6 4.90 N.m
Inertia Moment J4 0.25 kg.m2
J5 0.25 kg.m2
J6 0.05 kg.m2
Robot Body Weight 400kg
Power Capacity 3.9kVA
Cabinet Size 650*750*1150mm
Cabinet Weight 140kg
Source Three-phase four-wire
Installing Form Ground Mounted
Application For painting, there is no singularity point, making the teaching programming much easier.

Robot Overall Dimension and Motion Range Drawing

QJR6-2700P Overall Dimension

Robot Base Mounting Dimension Drawing

QJR6-2700P Mounting Dimension Drawing

Robot End Installation Dimension Drawing

QJR6-2700P Installation Interface Diagram