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Painting Robot

Step into a world where every spray is a step towards perfection. Join us at QJAR – where painting meets precision!

Discover the Future of Painting with QJAR Robotics! Our advanced spray painting robots bring precision, speed, and reliability to your fingertips. Experience the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship, ensuring every surface is flawlessly coated. This makes them widely used in various manufacturing fields, such as automobile manufacturing,aerospace,home appliance manufacturing,etc. Embrace innovation with QJAR and elevate your painting projects to new heights.

Achieve the combined use of multiple spraying methods,such as gas spraying,electrostatic spraying,
Cyclone spraying, Paint atomization,magnetic control spraying,etc.

Painting Robot Series

Parameter introduction

ModelQJR6-2700PQJR20-1600(None Explosion-proof)QJRP10-1(Explosion-proof)
Axis Number666
Repeat Positioning±0.5mm±0.05mm±0.5mm
Max Armspan2701mm1668mm2035mm
Motion RangeJ1±95º±172º±95º
Max Speed J1108 °/s154º/s108 °/s
J2103 °/s154º/s120 °/s
J3115 °/s171º/s114 °/s
J4360 °/s355º/s360 °/s
J5360 °/s355º/s360 °/s
J6360 °/s355º/s360 °/s
Allowable TorqueJ446 N·m45N·m46N·m
J545  N·m45N·m45N·m
J627 N·m40N·m27N·m
Inertia Moment J43.9 kg·m²3.5kg·m²3.9kg·m²
J53.9 kg·m²3.5kg·m²3.9kg·m²
J61.3 kg·m²2.5kg·m²1.3kg·m²
Robot Body Weight400kg270kg370kg
Power Capacity4.4kVA3.7kVA4.4kVA
Power SupplyOne phase
220V ±10%
One phase
One phase
220V ±10%
Cabinet Size600*480*1270mm600*480*920mm600*480*1270mm
Cabinet Weight120kg95kg120kg
Installing FormGround MountedGround Mounted/ wall mountedGround Mounted
Application For painting, there is no singularity point, making the teaching programming much easier.loading and unloading, handling, sorting, assembly etc.For painting, there is no singularity point, making the teaching programming much easier.

Painting Robot Application Video

Our Painting Robot's Highlights

Industrial Painting Robot:

First Certified

First certified painting robot in China with an explosion-proof feature.

Refining wrist design no singular point

Improve transmission stiffness; same frequency design of the transmission chain, reduce irregular vibration sources.

No singular point

The front of RP series robot has a wrist structure without singularity and can be equipped with a pipeline arm, which makes synchronous tracking and spraying easier.

IP67 degree

Whole machine with fully enclosed design and non-intermittent state design performance, can work in the harsh environment for long time.

Explosion-proof equipment

Optional positive pressure explosion-proof system to cope with flammable and explosive environment.

Non teaching spray painting function

Teaching-free spraying function application, the robot imitates manual movements and automatically generates spraying trajectories, without teaching programming, simple, convenient and easy to operate.

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