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4 Axis Delta Robot EVS-DT

  • EVS 4(3+1) axis delta robot arm is made by carbon fiber, slghter and strong, high speed and high accuracy.
  • High performance makes it suitable for handling, assembly, sorting,material loading and unloading, etc.
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy: XYZ±0.1mm, R±360°
  • Standard Cycle Time: 220/min
  • Maximum Load: 15kg

Technical Parameters

Delta Robot
Functionsorting, packing
Total axis4(or 3)
Payload8 kg
Maximum load15kg
Position repeat accuracyXYZ±0.1mm, R±360°
Rotate axis±360°
Standard cycle time220/min
Moment of inertia0.01kg.m²
(max to 0.025kg.m²)

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