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130kg Payload 3157mm Reaching Distance Robotic Arm QJR130-3100M

  • High-speed and stable, all axis operating at low power output simple equipment composition can be used with special palletizing software.
  • Widely used in intelligent manufacturing industry such as furniture, food and beverage and 3C, applicable to high-speed and high-precision palletizing, picking, packaging, handling, feeding and unloading.
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
  • Armspan: 3157mm
  • Payload: 130kg

Technical Parameters

Axis Number4
Repeat Positioning±0.5mm
Max Armspan3157mm
Motion RangeJ1±182°
J2+97°, -50°
J3+122°, -22°
Max SpeedJ1129 °/s
J2132 °/s
J3132 °/s
J4299 °/s
Max AccelerationJ1126 °/s2
J2401 °/s2
J3458 °/s2
J42291 °/s2
Inertia MomentJ423kg.m²
Robot Body Weight1400kg
Power Capacity17.5kVA
Cabinet Size650x750x1150mm
Cabinet Weight140kg
Source3 Phase 5 Wire
Installing FormGround
ApplicationPalletizing, handling, loading, picking up, packaging,etc.

Robot Overall Dimension and Motion Range Drawing

Robotic Arm QJR130-3100M Overall Dimension

Robot Base Mounting Dimension Drawing

Robotic Arm QJR130-3100M Mounting Dimension Drawing

Robot End Installation Dimension Drawing

Robotic Arm QJR130-3100M Installation Interface Diagram