Robot Walking Rail

  • EVS robot walking rail can be used in welding/cutting/handling/machining/painting/gluing, etc.
  • We use famous reducer and gear to make sure the accuracy and the stability of the walking rail.
  • We can customize the rated load and length to meet your specific requirements.
  • Rated Load: 300-3000kg
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy: ±0.10mm(under 1000kg payload)/±0.15mm(1000-3000kg payload)

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters
Walking Method Single Axis Ground Mounting Robot Servo Walking Rail(light duty)
Model GS-SXW-Z-L-XX Applications Welding/Cutting   □Handling/Machining
Standard Length 4000mm Extended Standard 1000mm  2000mm  4000mm(Can be customized)
Mounting Method Ground Mounting Overall Dimension L mm×910mm×750mm(L is different because of the motor it uses)
Protection Semi-enclosed Sheet Metal Lubricating System Self-lubrication Oil Pump Voltage AC220V Drag Chain Mounting Position Center

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