3kg Payload 620mm Reaching Distance 6 Axis Collaborative Robot Arm

  • The cobot arm is mainly used for handling, palletizing, pick and place, also arc welding, with high reliability and excellent performacne.
  • This cobot is able to operate multiple procedure in narrow space, lightweight, compact structure.
  • With collaborative feature, the cobot can extend your time and space, liberate human from repeat work and hazard enviroment.
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm
  • Armspan: 620mm
  • payload:3kg

Technical Parameters

Model CR3-066S1-CS01
Robot Arm Net Eeight
(without cables)
Payload 3KG
Armspan 620mm
Degree of Freedom 6
Joint 1 ±360°
Joint 2 ±360°
Joint 3 ±360°
Joint 4 ±360°
Joint 5 ±360°
Joint 6 ±360°
Joint 1 180°/s
Joint 2 180°/s
Joint 3 180°/s
Joint 4 180°/s
Joint 5 180°/s
Joint 6 180°/s
EOA Maximum Speed 1m/s
Repeat Positioning Accuracy (maximum) ± 0.03mm
Absolute Positioning Accuracy (maximum) 0.5mm
Control Bus/Frequency EtherCAT/1kHz
Installation Method any angle
Typical Power 150W
Material Aluminum alloy
Ambient Temperature -5°C55°C
Working Environment (humidity) 5%90%RH
no condensation
Cable Length 5m
Noise 60dB
Tool End IO Port digital input*2digital output*2
analog input*2output power supply24V/1A*1
Tool End Communication Port EtherCAT*1RS485*1
output power supply24V/1A*1

Robot Overall Dimension & Base and End Flange Dimension

Robot Motion Range





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