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Welding Positioner Robot Supplier

EVS offers high-quality rotary welding positioners for sale which are important components of robotic automation in welding applications. Our welding positioners help ensure the accuracy and quality of your overall production which are critical in robotic welding systems. They drive productivity by minimizing system downtimes and automating tasks that are impossible without machines that have rotational capabilities. EVS has single-axis, two-axis, and three-axis welding positioners that can effectively hold parts in a repeatable and predictable position for welding robots. We also have small welding positioners that we can customize to meet your production line’s specific requirements.

EVS Welding Positioner Advantages

Brass Conductive Material: The conductive material used was brass which has excellent electrical conductivity. It is integral-isolated to ensure the safety of the other components.

Stress-Relieved Components: The fixing base and gyration main spindle cases are stress-relieved which ensures the accuracy, stability, and durability of the robots.

High-Quality Servo Motor & Reducer: The RV reducers and AC servo motors guarantee a low failure rate, high positioning accuracy, and high gyration stability.

EVS Welding Positioner Applications

EVS welding positioners can provide you with the flexibility you need to hold, position, and reposition components in various sizes and shapes from simple and small parts, like small cylinders and metal frames, to large boxy and tubular parts. Robotic welding applications include heavy equipment, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Welding Positioner For Sale

EVS is a supplier of high-standard welding positioners that offer precision and reliable repeatability. We work with clients from all over the world and deliver welding positioner solutions that match specific needs. Our designs are cost-effective and aimed at enhancing the safety of staff during welding processes.

As our client, you can rest assured that our equipment will improve your operation. All our welding positioners are coated in special anti-rust paint to mitigate damage and uniquely encased in brass to ensure durability. The fixing base and gyration spindle are also annealed to guarantee high operational performance even with high usage.

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Features of Welding Positioners

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Heavy Duty

EVS welding positioners are heavy-duty designs with brass as the conducting material. This enables them to withstand the weight of the objects being welded. 

Compact Design

Our compact designs ensure that the welding positioners offer positioning support but do not obstruct the welding process.

Stable Rotation

The gyration platform of each welding positioner has internal gyration support parts that facilitate stable cycles.

Surface tapped pitched holes provide object stability.


We use precise RV reducers that deliver consistent accurate movements of the gyrating platform for even welding of the object.

Reliable motors

Each welding positioner is fitted with premium AC motors that power all rotations without fail and are highly durable.

Applications of Welding Positioners

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Welding positioners are applicable in industries that use robotic welding and handle heavy metallic components. Examples of such industries include aviation, marine vessel engineering, metal piping manufacturing among many others.

As opposed to cranes, for example, welding positioners provide a more accurate way to rotate and reposition parts during welding. Moreover, they are fast and efficient which increases the rate of productivity. Compared to human labor, positioners are also much safer to use given the attendant dangers of intense welding.

Your Welding Manufacturer from China

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

At EVS we offer you a diverse range of single-axis, two-axis, and three-axis welding positioners. Our models support different kinds of object orientation including vertical, horizontal, and tilted angles. They are also designed for different weights of loads ranging from as low as 200Kg to 5000Kg.

Aside from variety, we equally assure you of high performance and durable welding positioners. Our machines are made using top-of-the-line AC motors and reducers that are efficient and reliable. All internal electrical components are sourced from premium brands, skillfully assembled, and fully insulated for safety. Every unit undergoes rigorous quality testing processes.

For any special welding positioners requirements you may have, we offer customization services to fulfill them. Design features such as size, production line integration, or color can be adjusted to fit customer needs. We deliver within short lead times and our team is always available to receive and customer inquiries.

Different Types of Welding Positioners

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2-axis Welding Positioner

Ideal for welding applications where tilting/turning is required such as the manufacturing of metal pipes. They can manipulate objects either in vertical or horizontal orientations depending on the model. 

3-axis Welding Positioners

The 3-axis range of motion enables them to deliver horizontal rotation, tilting, or vertical load adjustments. They are easy to load given their low profile but can be adjusted as needed.

Headstocks/Tailstocks Welding Positioners

Recommended for positioning loads at a 90-degree angle or in a horizontal orientation as they rotate on the horizontal axis. They are single-axis positioners.

Turntable/Platform Welding Turntables

This design has a flat spindle at the top with tapped pitch holes. It is suitable for positioning heavy or large objects during welding due to its round ample surface area.

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