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Top Five Industrial Robot Manufacturers in China

Global industrial robotics market is longtime dominated by Japanese and European companies. ABB, The Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Midea Group (KUKA), The Fanuc Corporation, and Kawasaki Heavy Industries are leading players in this segment. China has become the biggest market for industrial robot since 2017, this gave birth to a large number of industrial robot manufacturers in China, they have won a big market because of lower price, some of them are with great quality too and can be trusted. Here’s the list of top five industrial robot manufacturers in China:


QJAR was established in 2013 and is controlled by Zhejiang ASD Electric Co., Ltd. (stock code: 002403). It is a robotics high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technology. The company focuses on the industrial robot body and core component technology and has complete mastery of industrial robot controllers, servo drives, system software, reducers, body design, machine vision, and other core technologies. The company has accumulated a broad customer base and a good market reputation in related fields. Production management and quality control are managed with higher standards than peers to ensure the provision of more reliable industrial robots. Positioning to become an industrial robot brand that surpasses established international brands such as ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and YASKAWA. It has been at the forefront of China’s domestically produced high-quality industrial robots and belongs to China’s first-class industrial robot supplier.


SIASUN was founded in 2000 and is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a high-tech listed company with robotics as its core. SIASUN has now formed an entire industry chain integrating independent core technology, core components, core products, and industry system solutions. As the leading player in China’s robotics industry, SIASUN has created more than one hundred industry firsts. Successfully developed more than one hundred products in five series of industrial robots, collaborative robots, mobile robots, special robots, and service robots with independent intellectual property rights.


ESTUN was established in 1993 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015 (stock code 002747). Now it has a high-level professional R&D team, and has the technical advantages of synchronous development with the world’s industrial robot technology; the company already has a full range of industrial robot products, including Delta and Scara industrial robot series, of which the standard industrial robot specifications range from 6kg to 450kg. Application areas are spot welding, arc welding, handling, machine loading, and unloading, etc.


EFORT is a listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (stock code: 688165, stock abbreviation: Eft), the vice chairman unit of China Robot Industry Alliance, China’s Top 10 Robotics Enterprise, China’s Top 100 Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises, China The first echelon company in the industrial robot industry can provide customers and partners with industrial robots and cross-industry intelligent manufacturing solutions.


JAKA Robot, a global collaborative robot innovator. Founded in 2014, it is transliterated from the English name “JAKA” (Just Always Keep Amazing), which means keeping excellence. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the innovative research and development of a new generation of collaborative robots and smart factories.The Jaka Robot has inherited the core technology accumulation and R&D genes of the Robotics Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University since 1979, and has formed a large R&D team composed of more than 10 authoritative experts in the field and more than 100 senior engineers. It is currently integrated in control Innovative breakthroughs have been made in many applications such as integration, integrated joints, drag-and-drop programming, and wireless interconnection, and continue to lead the development trend of robotics.

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