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Robot Laser Tracking | Double Column Positioner | Robotic Welding

This is a video shot at one of our exhibition, it showed one welding robot with laser tracking system, welding positioner, robot walking rail working together, total 9 axis synchronized.

6 major advantages of laser welding

Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding advantages

  1. The weld seam is deeper and wider than the height.Large welding penetration, narrow heat-affected zone of weld, small aspect ratio up to 20:1
  2. Many weldable materials.Welding of the same metal, dissimilar metal materials, and non-metal materials (such as ceramics, etc.)
  3. Fast welding speed.The high energy density of the high-energy beam makes the welding heating concentrated, and the welding melting and solidification process is fast and efficient. The fastest laser welding speed of 1mm thick plate can reach 20m/min.
  4. Small welding thermal deformation and good weld performance.The high-energy beam power density is high, the welding heat input is small, and the weldment deformation is small, which is beneficial to reducing manufacturing costs, avoiding the growth of grains in the welded joint structure, and improving the joint performance;
  5. Craftsmanship, strong adaptability Welding parameters are easy to adjust accurately and the welding position is highly accessible
  6. High power density and low energy consumption

Laser welding configuration

Laser welding corresponding industries

Laser welding process package

The controller welding process package has been newly upgraded, the original functions have been optimized, and a laser-specific welding process package has been launched.

Integrate laser, wire feeding and robot motion control into one, simplifying control methods and improving control capabilities

Laser welding process package

Laser welding application cases

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