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QJAR Robots & ASD East Intelligent Factory(Wenling)

ASD East Intelligent Factory(Wenling) is located in the Zhejiang Coastal Industrial Gathering Area. The factory has a total area of 270,000 square meters, it consists of seven independent branch factories, using nearly 500 units of QJAR robots, 1026 sets of Intelligent Equipment, 97 units of AGVs, and 126 sets of inspection device, 55 sets of quick mold change system, 58673 RFFID.

qjar robot
factory design diagram

The labor cost will be reduced by 60%, the annual production capacity is expected to increase by 2.5 times to more than 36 million sets, and the inventory will be reduced by 70%. It will strive to become the world’s largest production capacity, the highest degree of automation, and the lowest energy consumption modern cookware manufacturing base. It’s said that the ASD East Intelligent Factory(Wenling) will become an intelligent production base serving more than 300 brands of customized cookware worldwide.

QJAR Robot General Manager (Mr. Gao):

ASD East Intelligent Factory(Wenling) integrated many robot application companies in the robotics industry, Shanghai SLX, LOGBOT, 3U-TECH, Ningbo Jiangchen Intelligent JC, CSF ROBOTICS, JXSS developed machine vision, MESS system, and industrial Internet platform with QJAR robot.

QJAR Robot Deputy General Manager (Mr. Kong):

We have built complete system solutions and have been widely used in industries such as automobile and motorcycle accessories, kitchen cooking utensils, hardware appliances, engineering machinery, electronic assembly, warehousing, and logistics. QJAR robot has showed superior performance of high efficiency, reliability and safety in welding, die-casting, polishing and grinding, palletizing, spraying and other application fields. It fully embodies the , so as to realize the great change of intelligent manufacturing in the future.

Michael Long/EVS Robotics

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