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Top Industrial Robots Suppliers in the UK

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Industrial robots are utilized by different industries for the purpose of the manufacturing and packaging of products. Industrial robots are automated and programmed to carry out repetitive tasks like sorting, pick-and-place, painting, welding, etc. Robots have taken over the industries and factories with their boundless benefits.

An industrial robot functions with the help of a factory robot arm. A high-speed robot arm works in a similar fashion as a human arm does but in a much faster and efficient way. For example, robotics in the food industry help pack, label, organize, and sort food. Replacing human labor with robots helps in safeguarding the humans in a harmful and dangerous work environment.  If you’re looking for industrial robots, here are enlisted some of the best industrial robot companies in the UK.

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ABB (UK Limited)

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ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees. In the UK ABB employs around 2,500 people across 20 locations. ABB is one of the topmost suppliers and has four customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation.

ABB has sold over 400,000 robots worldwide. It is one of the best robotic arm manufacturers thanks to their stellar customer service and a wide variety of products. Boveri, a subsidiary of ABB, provides a tabletop robot arm to help manufacturers enhance productivity, product quality, and worker safety. Their big robot arms are designed to handle the payload of several kgs. Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are the terms attributed to their robots.

FANUC (UK Limited)

FANUC Company Logo Text


FANUC Robotics is one of the largest industrial robotic arm manufacturers of 2020. FANUC Robotics provides more than a hundred models of industrial robots that are easy-to-use and provide great flexibility. Along with other supplies, FANUC also manufactures high-quality robot CNC machines.

Their machines have the capability of carrying payloads from 0.5 kg to 2,300 kg. Their range of industrial robots and cobots is constantly increasing and they have just celebrated the production of their 500,000th industrial robots.  This industrial robot supplier offers high-precision CNC machines, high-standard testing machines, and high-speed robot arms at a low cost.

ICS Robotics and Automation Ltd

ICS Robotics and Automation, Ltd. company logo


ICS Robotics is an expert in robot automation systems, including robot welding, material handling, assembly, and pick & place systems. In addition to offering turnkey systems, they can re-engineer your existing robotic systems to improve efficiency. Their clients are involved in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, agricultural, medical, and general industries. Their product catalog is wide and includes car seats, exhaust systems, radiators, chassis, excavators, furniture, aircraft engine parts, vacuum cleaners, control cabinets, etc..


EVS Logo

EVS is a globally recognized and trusted robot manufacturing company. All of their robotic devices are developed using the latest technology for ensuring high-quality standards. Even the low-cost large robot arm manufactured by EVS works with high-precision. Their high-speed big robotic arm manufactures products in less time, hence reducing the working hours.

They sell the best robotic arm kit, which provides superior control over fluid placement applications like solder paste, glue, silicone, and other fluids in a variety of industries.

Geku Automation

GEKU Automation company logo


Whatever your requirements, from the smallest peripheral handling equipment to a complete turnkey production system, Geku can provide you a solution. The company’s experienced team of design engineers will find a way to automate your application in the best and most cost-effective way. Your system will be fully tested at the company’s UK headquarters before installation and after the delivery. The company’s service team will confirm that you maintain maximum uptime.

Kuka (Industrial Robot Manufacturer UK LTD)

Kuka Company Logo Text


Kuka is one of the largest manufacturers of robots used to manufacture automobiles, known by its signature bright orange crane-like bots. KUKA Robotics provides a comprehensive range of electronic robotics, control technology, and customized software solutions.

It has disclosed a vital new addition to a range of its robots- the KR lontec. This waterproof robotic arm is suitable for almost every area of application. 

KUKA’s complete robot range has a synergy of control language and architecture. They are used by many well-known names in the United Kingdom manufacturing industry in various sectors, such as building materials, electronics, food processing, healthcare, logistics, and plastics.

Kawasaki Robotics (UK LIMITED)

Kawasaki Robotics logo


Kawasaki Robotics, a member company of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group, has been providing powerful industrial robots for manufacturing processes since 1969. Kawasaki Robotics manufactures and supplies industrial robots that work effectively in all industries. With payloads ranging from 2kg to 1500kg, Kawasaki offers a wide range of material handling robots and industrial robotic arms for sale.

The name Kawasaki is synonymous with great speed, reliability, and quality. Meeting customer requirements for increased flexibility, intelligent control, and high speed is the heart of every Kawasaki robot. The Kawasaki team from the UK has extensive knowledge of applications for picking, setting up, and palletizing in the food and pharmaceutical sector.


Different types of industrial robots are needed everywhere because all industries require manufacturing and packaging. The popularity of robots is increasing with each passing day because of their exceptional efficiency and work handling. Because of the wide range of applications attributed to them, low-cost robot arms are used by almost every industry.

The use of robotics in the modern production line can save a lot of time and money. Industrial robots for sale usually range from $50,000 to $70,000.  The best industrial robots usually cost from $100,000 to $150,000, once the application-specific peripherals are added.

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