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How Robots Help Economy Recover In The Post Corona Time

A sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic in 2019 has had a serious impact on the lives of people all over the world and brought serious obstacles to economic development, but the industrial robot will help the economy recover fast in the post corona time. The robot can do pick and place, welding automation(welding robot), assembly, machine tending, loading and unloading, spraying, painting, polishing, etc.

So how the robot help economy recover in the post corona time?

1. Robots Create Jobs

Many of you might be thinking robots will kill jobs, it is true that robots are gonna kill a lot of jobs but its gonna bring forth more jobs and they are high paid jobs. Robot installation worldwide in factories will grow dramatically in the next coming years, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. That means factories need more technicians with robot skills.

welding robot

2. Robots make companies ten times productive

Research by the OECD shows that companies that employ technology effectively are ten times more productive than those that do not. ( Robots can do the menial work like repeat pick and place, assembly, loading and unloading, and highly dangerous work like welding, spraying, stamping, polishing, etc, and the robots can do those work without a break to massively improve productivity.

industrial robot

3. Robots help company upgrading to automation

Many factory owners have the mindset to automate their factory, the pandemic experience forced them to act early. Because during the pandemic their factories couldn’t function well due to lacking labor. If they already upgraded to automation they could run at full capacity with less labor.

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