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Die Casting Release Agent Spraying and Parts Picking

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Robot introduction

QJR20-2: 6 axis, load 20kg, arm span 1668mm, repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.05mm, protection grade IP67, ExdpxIIBT4Gb

Project introduction

Qianjiang die-casting robot can realize the rapid picking up of die-casting metal products and spraying of release agent. By matching with the detection sensor, it can carry out on-line slag ladle detection and product integrity detection. The robot can still run stably for a long time in the harsh environment of high temperature and humidity.

With large stroke, two gripping and centering claws, four nozzles on both sides, and four air blowing spray nozzles on both sides, one robot can simultaneously complete the work of taking out die castings and spraying and drying the release agent.

The straight elbow structure and symmetrical torque distribution ensure the stability and reliability of the robot under high-speed operation.

The fixture is attached with four detection sensors, which can directly detect the integrity of products, eliminate the unqualified products directly, improve the production rhythm and production efficiency.

The large stroke fixture is adopted, which is compatible with the grasping of various products at the same time. The mold can be changed directly and the robot program can be switched without changing the gripper teeth. The flow rate and atomization amount of the release agent can be adjusted separately for each nozzle, and the fixed and dynamic mold state can be controlled separately. The spray process under different working conditions and different molds has a high degree of flexibility.
The demoulding pipeline is controlled by a large volume valve to realize the advance shut-off valve. The atomizing gas can continue to blow off the excess release agent function, reduce the dripping problem of the spray head after spraying, and distribute the sprinkler head in the cavity of the mold cavity to realize precise spraying, which not only saves the waste of the mold release agent, but also improves the qualified rate of the product.

Application Industry: automobile, high speed rail and aviation spare parts, household appliances, 3C electronics, machine tool hardware, kitchen hardware and other die-casting fields.



It's 20kg payload and 1668mm reaching distance with compact structure.


Large workspace, fast running speed, and high repeated positioning accuracy.


Hollow structure arm and wrist, built-in welding cable, able to operate the welding process in narrow space.


Currently, it's with Tamagawa motor, Tsino Dynatron drive, and Shimpo harmonic reducer. The configuration is way much better than most of the other Chinese welding robots.