Inner Pot Stretching Line - EVS Robot

Inner Pot Stretching Line

Through 9 sets of QJAR robots, 3 sets of digitization hydraulic machines and 5 sets of full-automatic punching machines. This line realised automated plate feeding, greasing, turning and trimming. The robot can realize the process switch of multi-seed program, fast transformation and less manual operation. The robot adopts bus control mode to monitor the operation and fault situation in real time


It's 20kg payload and 1671mm reaching distance with compact structure.


Hollow structure arm and wrist, built-in welding cable, able to operate the welding process in narrow space.

High Efficiency

Large workspace, fast running speed, and high repeated positioning accuracy.

other Advantages

Currently, it's with Tamagawa motor, Tsino Dynatron drive, and Shimpo harmonic reducer. The configuration is way much better than most of the other Chinese welding robots.

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