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This is one of our cold metal transfer welding machine cases, the workpiece is bicycle parts. Our cold metal transfer is the first one to be comparable with Fronius CMT welding machine in China. The welding machine will send a signal to the welding gun when detecting the short circuit, so the servo gun can pull or push the welding wire during the welding process to control the heat input.


We are EVS TECH based in China. We offer high quality industrial robots, linear tracks and positioners globally. We make sure top reliable quality, and good service.




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Cold Metal Transfer Welding Process, Bicycle Part Robotic Welding, Servo Gun Welding

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    Dallas Kellerman • 5 months ago
    I am curious if you have any means to pick a wire mesh grid with wires on 50mm x 100mm wire centers, approx. 119” long, with widths up to 48”, max. weight: 48 lbs, up off a skid and transfer the grid to a conveyor?
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    volledige eetkamers • 5 months ago
    Pickin, C. G.; Young, K. (2006). "Evaluation of cold metal transfer (CMT) process for welding aluminium alloy" .
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    evs_admin • 8 months ago

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