Airport Runway Light Aluminum Welding - EVS Robot

Airport Runway Light Aluminum Welding

Due to the complexity of welding process, labor intensity, product quality, batch and other requirements, welding for the automation and mechanization of the process is extremely urgent, to achieve robot automatic welding. The arc welding robot can accurately complete the welding operations of various straight lines, arcs and complex curves, realize the automation of various welding processes, greatly improve the automation level and production efficiency of parts production, make the production more flexible and ensure the welding quality.


It's 4kg payload and 1410.5mm reaching distance with compact structure.


Hollow structure arm and wrist, built-in welding cable, able to operate the welding process in narrow space.

High Efficiency

Large workspace, fast running speed, and high repeated positioning accuracy.

other Advantages

Currently, it's with Tamagawa motor, Tsino Dynatron drive, and Shimpo harmonic reducer. The configuration is way much better than most of the other Chinese welding robots.

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