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Welding Seam Tracking | Robot Vision System | Welding Robot

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In this video, we will introduce the welding seam tracking and vision system of industrial welding robot arm. Bellow is the script of this video.


What welding options and technologies can be used with your robots? I mean the options for tracking the position of the seam during the welding process, the options to find the location of the part? What are the options for using technical vision?

Our standard welding robot will directly have electric arc trackingtouch sense function.

For electric arc tracking, the welding must meet the condition that workpiece thickness is larger than 3mm and the materials need to be stainless steel or carbon steel .  The welding form should be fillet welding.

For welding laser tracking, now you can use third party laser tracker. We can offer robot with laser tracker together to you.

For handling vision system, you can use any third party vision system. Cameras can be the brand like Omron, Panasonic etc.

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China. We offer high quality industrial robots, linear tracks and positioners
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