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Use Tips Of The Water-cooling Tank Of The Robotic Welding Machine

Welding robots are used in complex and extreme environment, for high current welding, water cooling welding machine are the most suitable ones, so water cooling system(water cooling tank) is necessary and will fulfill the best performance of the welding robot.

Here are some use tips of the water-cooling tank of the robotic welding machine(welder):


  • Ambient temperature> 5℃, the coolant in the water tank can be water.
  • The ambient temperature is ≤5℃, the coolant in the water tank must use antifreeze.


  • The water quality standard is deionized water or distilled water, it must conform to this standard, otherwise, the scale generated may cause the water seal to leak, the water pump rusts and the motor is stuck.


  • When the ambient temperature is under 5 ℃, organic antifreeze must be used, otherwise, the corrosion inhibitor in the inorganic antifreeze will cause water pump water seal leakage, welding torch overheating, or torch cable copper wire corrosion. It is recommended to use antifreeze that meets national standards and use it according to its requirements. Use the name and ingredient list clearly marked ‘organic’, ‘OAT (Organic Acid Technology Antifreeze)’ or ‘all organic’ brand antifreeze, and the ingredient list clearly marked antifreeze products that do not contain inorganic salts, such as ‘Does not contain phosphate, borate, silicate, nitrate, nitrite, amine’, etc. It is strictly prohibited to use antifreeze liquids that clearly indicate ‘inorganic’ in the name and that contain silicate and other inorganic salts in the ingredient list product.
  • The function of organic antifreeze is antifreeze, anti-corrosion, anti-boiling, and anti-scaling. Its main indicator is the freezing point of antifreeze. When choosing an antifreeze, its freezing point should be 10℃ lower than the lowest temperature in the working area, for example, the local temperature is -15℃, and the freezing point of the antifreeze is -25℃ to ensure that the antifreeze will not freeze.
  • It is forbidden to mix different coolants; when replacing the coolant, make sure to replace them all.


If the antifreeze is not used in accordance with the regulations, the following consequences will occur:

  • 1. The radiator inside the machine is easy to freeze and crack in winter.
  • 2. The copper wire of the cable in the welding gun is easy to corrode and fall off, which will cause the water pump to wear and leak after entering the water pump.
  • 3. Water scale is generated, which causes blockage of the water circuit or stuck water pump.

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