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SCARA Robot In Automation Projects

SCARA robot can be applied in pick and place, assembly, sorting, screwing, inspection, product transfer in the manufacturing process. SCARA robots have been around for a while since Sankyo Seiki first presented this new type of small robot into the automation market(under the guidance of professor Hiroshi Makino). Until now you can see SCARA robots appearing in many factories in the 3C industry, lithium battery industry, plastics industry, automobile industry, electronic products industry, medicine industry, and food industry, etc.

Why SCARA robots have been widely applied in many automated factories?

1. Rigidity
Because of their selective compliance, SCARAs are more rigid than the most commonly used 6-axis robots and delta robots for their rigid Z-axis.

2. Speed
SCARA robots are your perfect choice when it comes to high-speed assembly applications. They are usually faster than 6-axis robots.

3. RepeatabilitySCARA robots always have high precision than other types of industrial robots, it can up to ±0.01mm.

4. Cost
Due to the structure and axes number, SCARA robots are often more cost-effective than most other industrial robots, especially when you require a high-speed robot.

SCARA robot applied cased study:

1. PCB assembly

2. Socket thread screwing

3. Light bulb transferring

4. Plug-in sorting

If you want to know more about SCARA robots and need a solution with SCARA robots, please feel free to reach out.

Michael Long/EVS Robotics/

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