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Digital Welder for Robot D350SW

  • The welding process is realized by using the combination of wire feeding and current waveform control by using the good performance of welding power supply and AC servo motor with good control performance to realize the welding process with lower spatter, faster welding speed, lower heat input and thinner welding.
  • The arc length is controlled by mechanical pumping back.
  • the overall water cooling design of the gun neck and motor greatly improves the utilization rate.
  • Built in servo welding gun, improve position accessibility and more flexible operation.
  • Torque type auxiliary wire feeding device realizes synchronous wire feeding before and after, ensuring stable wire feeding.
  • 0.5-1mm, low heat input, doesn’t weld through and no deformation, the qualified rate can reach more than 98%.
  • 1-2mm, high speed welding, which is 3 times faster than ordinary robot welding speed, can reach 2m / min or more.
  • Over 2mm, special high current for carbon steel welding, over 200A to achieve ultra-low spatter, spatter can be reduced by more than 90% .