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Competing With ABB Fanuc Yaskawa Kuka, QJAR Wins ALIBABA’s Project

The global Top 132 ranking company Alibaba‘s big project is using QJAR robotic solutions. To get this project, QJAR went through competing with other strong Robotic brands including top international brands ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA, KUKA. Finally, QJAR has been chosen and successfully applied to the key projects of Alibaba’s clothing intelligent production line which can worth more than hundreds of millions USD. QJAR’s great development is a giant leap for China’s robotic industries. QJAR is leading the robotic industry and is the top-level brand in China. QJAR’s main focusing competitors are top global brands like ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Kuka, etc. We are aiming to help factories upgrade their production process to realize their own industry dreams.

QJAR robot in Alibaba factory

So why Alibaba chose QJAR rather than the well-known big four?

1. QJAR robots have been applied and stood the test in many big projects.

As one of the leading giant company in China, Alibaba must choose the best equipment in its strategic project-Xunxi Digital Factory. The one who supplies robot equipment could definitely get the endorsement from Alibaba and could benefit from it. For industrial robots, customers are more inclined to trust a brand which has been used in some big projects by some leading company in the industry. Actually, as one of the top industrial robot manufacturers, QJAR robots have been applied and stood the test in many big projects, that’s one of the most important reasons why Alibaba chose QJAR robot over the big four and many other Chinese robot manufacturers.

2. QJAR robot has a world-class factory.

It has cost QJAR 2.5 billion USD to build this factory, in the factory we use the most famous CNC machine from Japan and Switzerland to manufacture the robot parts, and we have a series of testing machine in every manufacturing step to make sure the quality of the robots. We have passed ISO 9001, we have CE certificate from SGS, the most authoritative agency.

3. QJAR Robots have been exported to many foreign countries.

We started global market exploration in 2019 and now we have been exported to many foreign countries all over the world. Not only has QJAR robot received good feedback in the Chinese market, but QJAR robot has also won the trust of a large number of customers in the international market. In a Mexico motorcycle factory, they chose 29 units of QJAR welding robots over Yaskawa, Fanuc, ABB, Kuka after they get a deep understanding of the QJAR robot’s quality. Until now we have exported to Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, India, US, etc. That’s one of the most important reasons why Alibaba chose QJAR robots.

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