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In this video, we will demonstrate one of the settings of the robot welding process – circle welding. The basic theory is three points form a arc, and two arcs can form a complete circular arc. It only needs to record five points of the circle working piece using MJ and MC commands. Firstly, we need to move the robot by the teach pendant to the standby point, recording this point using MJ command, then move to the first point of the circle, recording it using MJ command. Then move to the second and the third points, recording them using MC command, so we got the first arc. The third point will the first point of the second arc, so move to the forth point, recording it using MC command, then move to the last point of the circle(to get a complete circle, we need the first point and the last point be the same point), recording the last point using MC command.




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Circle Welding # Welding Robot Programing # Arc Welding Robot

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Circle Welding , Welding Robot Programing , Arc Welding Robot

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