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6 Advantages of Industrial Robots from the Angle of Technology

1. Generality on use

Industrial robots can be programed for which they support movement with multiple degrees of freedom; therefore, their application is quite flexible. Of course, they are not as flexible as human beings; however, industrial robots are far more flexible than many of the dedicated machines that are commonly seen in the industrial automation. During the modification for the industrial application, they can meet the new demand through the re-programming for the robots, there is no need to make large amount of investment on hardware.

2. Electromechanical abilities

It is common for the industrial robots to reach the movement precision of less than 0.1mm, they can capture the objects with the weight of hundreds of kilograms, and they can extend with the length of three to four meters. Although they cannot achieve the processing requirements for mobile phones in a skillful way, for most of the industrial applications, this kind of property is enough to complete the task in a perfect way. With the gradual improvement of performance for the robots, some impossible tasks before are gradually becoming feasible (for example, laser welding or cutting once required the special equipment with high precision to guide the direction of laser, with the improvement of precision for robots, we can also rely on the accurate movement of robots themselves for the replacement).

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