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PCB Assembly Robotic Machine

Based on the integrated control system of independent research and development, EVS has developed a new generation of intelligent PCB assembly machine. The appearance is generous and simple, and it has the characteristics of high integration, high precision and high flexibility, so as to meet the automation application requirements of industry customers.


  • High pixel camera, from coarse positioning to fine positioning, secondary correction to ensure the accuracy of the material placing.
  • Integrated touch control robot + vision + logic, simple and stable.
  • The width of conveyor belt is adjustable, flexible vibration disc, flexible production.
  • SCARA robot and XY module can be customized on demand.
  • Code scanning function can be connected to MES system.

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Technical Parameters

Item SCARA Type XY Module Type
External Size 2626 x 1158 x 1800(mm) 2000 x 1150 x 1800(mm)
Power Source 220V AC,50HZ,5.0Kw
Air Source ≥5kg/cm2 ,120L/min
Productivity 1200pcs/h 2000pcs/h
Accuracy ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
Detection Precision ±0.1mm
The Biggest Products 50mm X 50mm

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