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Dipensing Robot EVS-WP-300


  • This equipment can be applied in electronic components, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, automobile, frame, air filter, air purification equipment, packaging, lamps, etc.
  • Our system control adopts three-axis linkage, which can be used for surface gluing (such as square, circle and various special-shaped figures), and also can be used for three-dimensional gluing.


  • Build-in path simulation function.
  • CAD DXF file Graph import function, no complicated programming needed.

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Technical Parameters

Name Parameter / model
Gluing equipment Model WP-300(Standard configuration)
Machine space size 4100*3300*2300MM(Length * width * height)
Effective gluing stroke 2300*1250*250MM(X axis * Y axis * Z axis)
Weight 2200KGS
Glue material Components Polyurethane
Component composition Two component (A + B)
System / control Operating system WP-300 is based on Windows XP / win7
Interface True color touch screen
Operation mode Touch screen / keyboard / button / teaching device
Controller West point
Screen size 15 inches
Mixing head Hybrid head model WP600
Width of sealing strip 4 mm in 5-300 mm groove
Cleaning method High pressure water jet cleaning + high pressure air jet dry noise
Mixing ratio (A: b) 1:1-10:1
Glue output 1-4g/s
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Working pressure ≧6-8par

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