5kg payload 922 mm reaching distance 6 axis collaborative robot - EVS Robot
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5kg payload 922 mm reaching distance 6 axis collaborative robot


  • The cobot arm is mainly used for handling, palletizing, pick and place, also arc welding, with high reliability and excellent performacne.
  • This cobot is able to operate multiple procedure in narrow space, lightweight, compact structure.
  • With collaborative feature, the cobot can extend your time and space, liberate human from repeat work and hazard enviroment.

  • Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm
  • Armspan: 922mm
  • payload: 5kg
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Technical Parameters

Model EVC5
Specification payload 5kg
reach 922mm
dof 6
HMI 10.1 inch teach pendant or mobile terminal APP
Movement repeatability ±0.02mm
axis movement max range max speed
axis 1 ±175° ±180°/s
axis 2 + 85°/- 265° ±180°/s
axis 3 ±160° ±180°/s
axis 4 + 85°/- 265° ±180°/s
axis 5 ±175° ±180°/s
axis 6 ±175° ±180°/s
typical TCP speed 1m/s
Features IP level IP66
noise <65dB
mounting agle any direction
end of arm  I/O digital input 2   digital output 2
analog input 1 analog output 1
end of arm power supply 24V/2A
interface&openness TCP/IP, RS485
communication interface C/C++, Lua, Pathon, ROS
Physics base mounting diameter 150mm
weight about 22kg
operating temperature 0-45℃
operating humidity <90%RH
material aluminum, steel

Dimension and Motion Range

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