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Protection on Privacy And Other Personal Information

Once you agree with the terms of service or to use the service, it means you agree to use and disclose your personal information on the following terms and conditions.

1. Login Name And Password

When you sign up for an account, EVS will ask you to set up EVS account login name and password to identify you and to set up password questions and its answers so that you can confirm your identity when you lose your password. You can only use the account with the password you have set. If you have leaked your password, you may lose your personal identifying information and may have detrimental legal effect to yourself. When the account and password have potential or real danger for any reason, you should immediately contact EVS, EVS is not responsible for this before taking actions.

2. Bank Account Information

If EVS requires you to provide your bank account information to provide certain services for you, EVS will strictly fulfill the relevant confidentiality agreement after you provide the appropriate information, .

3. Login Record

In order to ensure the safety on using this service and to continuously improve the quality of this service for you, EVS will record and keep information about your login and use of this service, and EVS are committed not to provide such information to any third party (Except that under the condition it is agreed by both you and EVS or it is provided by laws and regulations and it is provided for EVS related companies).

4. Safety

EVS provides the corresponding security measures only according to the existing technology to prevent information of EVS getting lost, being abused and altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and encrypting passwords for users. Despite these are security measures, EVS does not guarantee the absolute security of this information.

5. User Information

When you complete your account registration or activate your account, you should provide your real name, address, nationality, phone number and e-mail address to EVS. You may also choose to fill in additional information (including but not limited to your company’s province and city, time zone and postal code, fax number, personal homepage and your job title). When you agree with this agreement and it means that you agree EVS and EVS’s representatives to acquire, use and/or disclose, share your personal information and offer your personal information to EVS’s authorized service provider and related third parties for offering this service.   

You further understand and agree that you will transfer your data from you to EVS when you agree to this agreement or when you submit your personal information to EVS, and such transfer is necessary for offering your required service to follow the agreement between you and EVS or to provide you the services you requested.

6. You further agree with EVS that:

6.1. EVS can send you customized information or new product / service information through email, telephone (including voice, phone, fax or message, if you indicate that we can contact you in this way);

6.2. EVS can use your personal information for the purpose of providing you with enhanced or analyzed statistical functions, or use or disclose personal information for sale or encouragement purposes.

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